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应云顶娱乐www.4008.com秦勇教授邀请,Nature Communications副主编张尧卿博士于近日来访,并作学术报告,欢迎广大师生届时参加!

主讲人:张尧卿 博士

题目:Publishing energy research in Nature journals




摘要:The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has gone to a trio of pioneers of lithium-ion batteries, which are truly a world-changing technology. While many would say this award is long overdue, the recognition is a testimony to the increasing acceptance of a need for energy technologies with a reduced carbon footprint. To cater to the future needs, disruptive innovations in chemistry, materials and engineering are essentially important. I will endeavour to shed light on how the Nature journals respond to the call by publishing excellent papers that lead the way in the development of next-generation energy technologies with significantly enhanced safety, energy/power density and sustainability. I’ll also talk about how our editors apply the editorial principles in practice, and so determine which few of the many excellent research submissions that we receive make it through to publication.

简介:Yaoqing Zhang is currently a Senior Editor of Nature Communications. He joined Nature Research in 2016, after holding a research assistant professorship in Tokyo Institute of Technology. He handles a wide swath of manuscripts spanning the areas of energy chemistry, with a particular focus on electrochemical energy storage and solid state ionics. He received his PhD in chemistry from the University of St Andrews in the UK, where he worked at the interface between solid state chemistry, electrochemistry and ceramics, before moving to Japan to expand his expertise into magnetism and superconductivity. He is based in the Shanghai Office.

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